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Black Stone Coffe. Wild Side. 1 kg

Sharp Mind

Tasting notes

Cocoa and nuts

Sharp Mind

Challenge the limits! Welcome to the future with “Sharp Mind,” your ally to boost your concentration to the maximum. Student, businessman, gamer? No matter your field, this specialty coffee is made to challenge the norm and take your mind to new heights. Our coffee+guarana, a powerful natural tonic, reduces fatigue and keeps you alert. With 150 mg of native caffeine per cup, this 100% Arabica coffee from Brazil wakes you up and keeps you focused. Dare to try it and unlock your hidden potential.

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150 mg


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Black Stone Coffee Sharp Mind

Do you need that extra concentration for your daily challenges? “Sharp Mind” is your answer. Developed with one of the finest coffees on the planet and added organic guarana, this coffee not only revolutionizes your palate but also your mental performance. The intense notes of cacao and nuts combine with the wild guarana, and magic happens. No matter if you’re in a classroom, a business meeting, or in front of a gaming screen, with “Sharp Mind,” every challenge becomes an opportunity. Take a sip of success and make every day count.

  • Increased concentration.
  • Freshly roasted native coffee.
  • Origin: Colombia.
  • Added organic guarana.

“Sharp Mind” is not just coffee, it’s your secret weapon, your ally on the road to success. Made with 100% Arabica coffee beans from Brazil, this specialty coffee offers you a rich and intense flavor experience that delights with every sip. But that’s not all. We’ve added organic guarana, a powerful natural superfood, to give it an extra boost. So not only will you enjoy exceptional coffee, but you’ll also increase your concentration, reduce fatigue, and enhance your mental performance. And the best part is that it’s 100% natural, and all you need is water to unlock its potential. “Sharp Mind” is more than just coffee, it’s a challenge to mediocrity. Are you ready to accept the challenge?

Sharp Mind

Black Stone Coffe Wild Side 250 g

Sharp Mind.
250g package


Pack of three packages of Black Stone Coffee Sharp Mind

Sharp Mind.
Pack of 3 x 250 g


Black Stone Coffe Wild Side 1 kg

Sharp Mind.
1 kg package


Black Stone Coffee Sharp Mind pods.

Sharp Mind.
Pack of 10 pods


Black Stone Coffee

Black Stone Coffe Wild Side 250 g
Black Stone Coffee Sharp Mind 250 g
Black Stone Coffe Wild Side 250 g
Black Stone Coffe Wild Side 250 g
Black Stone Coffe Wild Side 250 g
Black Stone Coffe Wild Side 250 g